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About us

Lots of people ask me how DIYroadster came to be. My answer is pretty simple;   I didn't wake up one morning and decide to start a business, actually the exact opposite of that happened.

This whole project started a few years ago when I was on the hunt for a set of Doorbars for my Miata. I had the opportunity to sit in a friends car that had a set recently installed. I was excited to try them out because it was the final step before I pulled the trigger and bought a set for myself.

Well, basically I wasn’t impressed. The bars interfered with getting in and out of the car way more that I had initially expected, and they further cramped the already claustrophobic foot well of the Miata. Most surprising they restricted window crank access to the point where opening the door to crank the windows was almost a necessity, however they did have a nice powder-coat finish, great craftsmanship, and stiffened the chassis of the car, but what was lacking was a more refined design. After being slightly disappointed I realized there's no reason those problems couldn't be fixed, what was needed was something that functioned as great as it looked, and fixed current design flaws. I set out to make it happen.

I teamed up with a friend of mine who had extensive experience bending tube. We first put the ideas onto paper and then into tube… lots of tube… After we had exactly what I wanted, and what I felt was a definite step forward in design, we finalized the idea and made a set for my car and several extra sets.

Well those several sets weren't enough, once word got out that these were available, more and more people showed interest, and the rest is history.

 Now our Doorbars are installed in miatas ranging from daily driven cars to full blown V8 track cars. I never anticipated DIYroadster Doorbars would grow into a life of their own, I just set out to make a better product and am thrilled with the results, I hope you will be too.

 Sitting on the first set of Door Bars

-Narek Gabrielian